Produce Market Guide News

Produce Market Guide News

Millions of cardiovascular deaths linked to a lack of produce

A new global study published in Science Daily estimates that millions of deaths from heart disease and stroke can be linked to a lack of fruit and vegetable consumption.

Guess what vegetable is tops in Green Giant poll

Forget red and blue states. This polling map of the U.S. shows a green wave — and it’s not the Green Party you’re thinking of.

Touring Brooklyn's Gotham Greens atop Whole Foods Market

BROOKLYN — It was a perfect summer rooftop tour party at dusk, with colorful picnic food and dozens of friendly faces talking about fresh vegetables and fruit. Check out Northeast editor Amy Sowder's video and article.

6/19/19 Daily Newsflash Roundup: New Companies & Endorsements

Jun 19, 2019 by Janice Wilson #Newsflash
Earthfresh LLC, Jet Sales Packaging, Raiwal Agro Tech Foods, Sendik's, T.A. Solberg DBA Trig's are new companies to the Market. Triple B Corporation - Charlie's Produce and Villita Avocados Inc., have been Endorsed.
Jun 19, 2019 by Janice Wilson #Newsflash

Remembering the days of the produce huckster truck

I talked today with Peter Machi, long-time sales and purchasing representative with Consumer Fresh Produce Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Overthinking can stall your department's productivity

All retail details are important, but at some point, someone has to take charge and say, “OK, let’s run with this.” And move on.

Wholesum hits the (Fair Trade) road, expands organic

Organic grower-shipper Wholesum, Amado, Ariz., has a new program to highlight its Fair Trade program for consumers and retailers.

Potato storage on track; slip in Q3 retail numbers

Jun 19, 2019 by Chris Koger #Produce Retail, #Potatoes, #USDA
U.S. potato shippers from the 13 highest producing states had 67.4 million cwt. left in storage on June 1, up 6% from the same time last season.
Jun 19, 2019 by Chris Koger #Produce Retail, #Potatoes, #USDA

Panelists urge companies to invest in traceability

AUSTIN, Texas — Panelists at the Center for Produce Safety Symposium described better traceback as essential to containing foodborne illness outbreaks and urged companies to invest in that infrastructure.

Video of online H-2A seminar available from NCAE

Jun 18, 2019 by Chris Koger #Produce (General), #Labor
The National Council of Agricultural Employers hosted a web seminar on the H-2A guest worker program that was so popular, the group is making it available on video.
Jun 18, 2019 by Chris Koger #Produce (General), #Labor