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  • Access more growers directly and connect with a network of over 30,000 organic and conventional companies in produce.
  • Advanced search tool Search for partners by country, state, city, produce category, commodity, variety and by operation category or operation type.
  • Search through PMGs produce availability filter which allows you to see when companies have product in season, where it is grown or sourced from, giving the buyer the tools for intelligent prospecting.
Company Snapshots provide you easy access to the business health and stability of your partners.
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  • Payment history and ratings
  • Revenue and employee resources
Endorsements are peer to peer ratings on specific qualities that your current and potential partners company exhibits.


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  • Commodity features, menu moments, retail perspectives, new product coverage and supplier spotlights
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  • Educate yourself on all produce commodities and varieties. You have access to PLU codes, dynamic display ideas, news and sales strategies. You will also find specific partners that sell each commodity on that page.

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