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What makes a great produce department

Not to diminish the importance of the meat department, but in today’s world, your produce department is the driver of your store’s success.

Onions beat out cucumbers on PMG

Sweet onions unseated cucumbers as No. 1 on PMG the week of Aug. 10, climbing from No. 10 the previous week, and bulb onions took No. 2.

Industry veterans establish procurement company Re Fresh

Two produce industry veterans, Doug Fisher and Joe Cimino, have established Re Fresh LLC, a Salinas, Calif.-based produce procurement company.

Veg-Fresh Farms packaging contains pathogen fighters

Veg-Fresh Farms, Corona, Calif., is using packaging to fight pathogens — and not just as a barrier during transport and on retail shelves.

Produce firms awarded defense supply contracts

ProPacific Fresh, Durham, Calif., has been awarded a $135 million contract by Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support to supply fresh fruits and vegetables.

PMG reveals Produce Artist Award Series summer contest results Aug. 19

Have you been enjoying the beautiful display photos we've been sharing on LinkedIn, Facebook and elsewhere this summer? If so, you will not want to miss our Produce Artist Award Series results webinar coming Aug. 19.