It’s not just about the oranges any more. Citrus is a category that offers plenty of opportunity for profit. Its prime season is in the winter, a time when many fruits and vegetables are not available in large quantities or at discounted pricing. Make the most of your citrus offerings from clementines to oranges to grapefruits, and you’ll see a boost to your bottom line. The citrus category brings in $3.5 billion in sales, according to IRI/Fresh Look Marketing. Don’t miss out on getting a cut of those sales.



Sales Strategies

  • Don’t let the need to peel or juice keep consumers from buying citrus. Include citrus peelers, juicers and zesters alongside oranges and specialty citrus.
  • Encourage consumers to think of citrus as a breakfast, lunch and dinner food by cross-merchandising citrus with breakfast foods, salad fixings, juicing supplies and even meat or fish.
  • Nothing encourages shoppers to try something new like tasting it for themselves. Offer samples of premium-priced specialty citrus to tempt consumers’ taste buds.
  • Take advantage of the winter months when citrus is king of the produce department. Offer plenty of promotions to keep those oranges, lemons and grapefruit moving out the door.
  • Health-conscious consumers love citrus because they offer plenty of health benefits while being tasty and refreshing. Play up citrus’ health benefits in ads and promotions.
  • Citrus has long been a part of Christmas traditions. Oranges were a regular item to find in the bottom of a stocking in years gone by. Play on that association to keep oranges and other specialty citrus flying of the shelf during the holidays. Include citrus in gift boxes at the holidays.
  • Encourage shoppers to think about citrus as a part of the holiday meal in a fruit salad or as part of a fruit and vegetable tray. You can even boost sales by offering decorating ideas with citrus. An orange covered with cloves makes a fragrant, traditional addition to any Christmas tree. Keep the leaves on some specialty citrus to add a holiday flair to the produce department.

Dynamic Displays

  • Citrus adds both color and aroma to your winter produce department. Make citrus the first thing consumers see when they walk into your produce department during peak season. Eye-catching displays will increase impulse sales.
  • Keep youngsters in mind and offer smaller sizes of citrus, like easy-peel varieties, to encourage putting them in the lunchbox. Offer a variety of sizes and varieties to appeal to all consumers.
  • Include lemons and limes in your citrus displays. They add a useful color break and having them prominently displayed can boost sales.
  • Clementines are a favorite of young and old alike. The easy-to-peel small citrus fruits are an easy snack for those of any age. Keep your shelves stocked when they are in peak season. Offer bags or boxes of the sweet treat.
  • Include recipes for citrus on your display. Most consumers think of citrus only as a snack. Remind shoppers they make a tasty addition to salads and as flavoring for meat.
  • Specialty citrus can add something special to your citrus display. Be sure to use signs to inform consumers about the traits of each type of citrus. Use an strategy by offering an “If you like this, try this” sign.

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