Produce Market Guide News

Produce Market Guide News

Dennis 'Denny' Donovan of Garin Co., Dole, remembered

Dennis “Denny” Donovan, who spent almost three decades of his career at the Garin Co., Salinas, has died.

Imperial Date Gardens’ Isabel Nuñez remembered

Isabel Nuñez, a pioneer in the date industry and a founding member of the Bard Valley Date Growers, has died.

Mexfly find in south Texas brings expanded quarantine

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Texas Department of Agriculture have established a Mexican fruit fly quarantine in Willacy County, Texas.

U.S. Fruit and Nut Exports to China by month

Here are some charts that speak to the volume of U.S. fruit and nut exports to China over the past five years.

Mulling the future of packaging

What is the biggest change in packaging coming in the next five years?

Plastic boxes help remove wax cartons from landfills

Eliminating the use of wax cartons is one way that Lakeside Organic Gardens is answering the call for more sustainable packaging.

FDA releases Intentional Adulteration Rule installment

The Food and Drug Administration has released the third and final installment of the Intentional Adulteration Rule under the Food Safety Modernization Act.

CHR Executive Chairman John Wiehoff to retire

C.H. Robinson’s Executive Chairman John Wiehoff plans to retire from the board of directors when his term expires in May.

What do produce customers really want?

As produce retailers, we know what we want to sell to our customers. But what do you suppose they want when they carry their daily basket or steer their weekly shopping cart into the produce aisle?

Personal relationships are everything

The produce industry is full of interesting, colorful and amazing people whose livelihoods are in one way or another tied to feeding the world nourishing and healthy fresh fruits and vegetables.