Produce Market Guide News

Produce Market Guide News

BrightFarms delivers greenhouse tours with in-store virtual reality

Irvington, N.Y.-based BrightFarms has gotten creative in granting consumer requests to tour its greenhouses.

USDA GAP audit now recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Harmonized Good Agricultural Practices Plus+ audit program for specialty crops is now accepted as technically equivalent by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

The art of being relevant

At Golin, we believe that being relevant isn’t the only measure of success, but it’s the most important.

More cyclospora cases reported in McDonald’s salad outbreak

The Food and Drug Administration continues to investigate infections caused by the parasite Cyclospora thought to have been transferred by McDonald’s salad, and the number of cases is still growing.

Greenhouse, potato operations hit by immigration raids

A 10-acre hydroponic greenhouse complex and a large potato farming operation in O’Neill, Neb., were two of several agricultural businesses targeted in raids by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Peruvian asparagus group releases category plan

The Peruvian Asparagus Importers Association has completed its Fresh Asparagus Category Statistics and Trends document.

Kristi Harris to oversee Pazazz apple marketing

Aug 09, 2018 by Chris Koger #Produce Retail, #Apples, #People
In a nod to the apple’s rapid growth, Pazazz has a new brand manager at Honeybear Brands, Kristi Harris.

Aug 09, 2018 by Chris Koger #Produce Retail, #Apples, #People

Local food still has big draw

New studies report local food continues to have a strong grip on U.S. consumers.

Late Season Berries 2018 business updates

Catch up on late season developments with a bunch of berry companies from around North America.

Strawberries still reign as No. 1 Ventura County crop

Strawberries remained the top crop in Ventura County in 2017, and the county’s 10 leading crops in terms of value are mostly fruits and vegetables.