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A day in the life of a produce supervisor

As produce supervisors, we were often looked at as retail “cops,” making unannounced visits around our 66-store chain to drop in on produce managers and see what kind of shape their departments were in that day.

The Packer, PMG launch Tip of the Iceberg Podcast

There’s now another way to access produce industry coverage from The Packer and PMG – the brand-new Tip of the Iceberg Podcast.

COVID-19 could test push toward sustainability

Suddenly the industry’s attention on continuous improvement has wavered. The COVID-19 crisis refocused operators on simply surviving. Full steam ahead on plastics, recyclable or not!

Bagging up at Del Rey Avocado

The core of the Peruvian avocado season will be from June into September for Fallbrook, Calif.-based Del Rey Avocado Co., said Donny Lucy, vice president of procurement and East Coast sales.

COVID-19’s effects on onion market expected to lighten over summer

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic delivered a devastating blow to many businesses that buy onions, it left no doubt about the importance of onions in diets worldwide, suppliers say.

6/4/20 Daily Newsflash Roundup: Updates & New Companies to the Market

Belle Fresh Produce LLC dba Belle Fresh, Cecarellis Harrison Hill Farm LLC, Southern Mark Industies LLC, Stephen Nowaskie Farms LLC, and Ultra Food Group Inc. are new companies to the Market. Plus many updates.
Jun 04, 2020 by Janice Wilson #Newsflash