Variety: Yellow Straightneck Squash



  • 4782 yellow, straightneck

Variety Overview

Yellow straightnecks taper from large bottoms to thin, slightly curved necks with yellow shells and yellow flesh. Yellow zucchini is also sometimes called yellow squash, though it is not the same thing, and is merely a yellow-skinned zucchini.


  • Squash, Summer
  • Cooking Vegetables
  • Yellow squash tapering from a larger bottom to a slender, slightly curved neck; neck does not curve as dramatically as a crookneck squash

  • Yellow, dense

  • Buttery, mild, similar to zucchini

  • Ideal size is 6-8 inches long

  • Pale yellow when young to deep gold or orange when very mature

  • Larger bottom tapering to slender, slightly curved neck

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Flesh is studded with small, flat, tender, edible seeds

  • Year-round, peaking in summer

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