Variety: Cucuzzo Squash



  • 3140 cucuzza

Variety Overview

Cucuzza squash is a long Italian squash with a flavor similar to zucchini. Its light green skin is inedible, and, when the squash is more mature, its seeds become hard and inedible as well. Its firm flesh is cream-colored and can be used like a zucchini.


  • Squash, Summer
  • Cooking Vegetables
  • Long, slender light green squash with short stem; younger squashes sometimes have a bowling pin shape

  • Cream-colored, moist and firm

  • Nutty, similar to a zucchini

  • Cucuzza squash can grow up to 3 feet long

  • Light green

  • Elongated and slightly tapered

  • Yes
  • Small seeds that are tender and edible when the squash is young, but hard and inedible when more mature

  • Midsummer through late fall

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