Variety: Mung Bean Sprouts



  • 4536 bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts

Variety Overview

Small, light-yellow leaves atop a silvery white shoot and a root that may be slightly darkened. They have a crisp, nutty flavor. Bean sprouts can be used raw for crunch in salads or sandwiches or cooked (stir fry 30 seconds or less to maintain crunch) in Asian-inspired dishes.


  • Sprouts
  • Salad Vegetables
  • Hearty shoots that become almost translucent when cooked

  • Crisp, hearty

  • Mild and nutty

  • Shoots are thicker than other sprouts like alfalfa

  • white, pale yellow to translucent

  • cylindrical

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Year-round

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