Variety: Crenshaw Melon



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Crenshaw Melon

Variety Overview

Crenshaw melons have rough, firm yellow-green to golden yellow rinds with wrinkles or furrows near the stem end. When ripe, their rind will feel slightly waxy. Crenshaw melons are somewhat large and can weigh 8-10 pounds. 


  • Specialty Melons
  • Melons
  • Yellow-green to golden yellow firm, wrinkled rind devoid of netting; slightly pointed toward stem end

  • Peach-colored

  • Sweet, spicy; similar to a cantaloupe

  • Crenshaw melons can weigh up to 10 pounds

  • Yellow-green to golden yellow

  • Egg-shaped with a slightly pointed stem end

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • A central seed cavity filled with golden to light-brown seeds

  • Summer through early winter

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