Variety: Mesclun/Spring Mix

Variety Overview

Mesclun/spring mix is a blend of tender baby lettuces and other greens. The exact mix can vary depending on the season and supplier, but common components include baby green and red romaine lettuces; baby green and red oakleaf lettuces; baby greenleaf and redleaf lettuces; baby green and red butter lettuces; baby green and red chard; baby spinach; arugula; beet tops; frisee; lolla rosa; mache; mizuna; radicchio; tango; and tatsoi.


  • Salads/Salad Mixes
  • Salad Vegetables
  • A blend of small, tender green and dark red/purple leaves

  • Sweet, with somewhat earthy or bitter notes, depending on blend

  • Shades of green and dark red/purple

  • Yes
  • Year-round; greens used vary depending on season

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