Variety: Pink Pumpkins



  • 3631 pink pumpkin

Variety Overview

Pink pumpkins are a newer hybrid variety that has light pink to somewhat orangey-pink deeply furrowed skin with a thick stem and deep orange flesh. They're grown from Porcelain Doll pumpkin seeds.


  • Pumpkins
  • Cooking Vegetables
  • Somewhat blocky, irregular shape with light pink to orangey-pink, deeply furrowed skin and a thick stem

  • Deep orange

  • Very sweet

  • About 20-24 pounds

  • Light pink to orangey-pink

  • Blocky, somewhat irregularly shaped

  • Yes
  • A central cavity of stringy fibers studded with light tan, flat seeds

  • Early fall

  • The Porcelain Doll pumpkin is linked to the Pink Pumpkin Foundation, a nonprofit that donates a portion of the profit from each pumpkin sold to support breast cancer research

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