Variety: Pasilla Peppers



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Variety Overview

Pasilla chilies are dried chilaca chili peppers, but the name is often mistakenly used for poblano peppers, which are called ancho chilies when dried. Pasillas are about 6-8 inches long with dark red-brown, wrinkly skin. They have a mild to medium heat, at about 1,000 to 2,500 Scoville units, with hints of chocolate or raisin flavors.


  • Peppers, Chili
  • Cooking Vegetables,Salad Vegetables
  • Medium-sized, dried wrinkled dark red to dark brown pepper

  • Thick, chewy; must be soaked before use

  • Somewhat spicy, with chocolate and raisin flavors

  • About 6-8 inches long

  • Dark red to dark brown

  • Elongated and slightly curved

  • Yes
  • Year-round

  • Photo courtesy John Vena Produce Inc.

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