Variety: Bartlett Pears



  • 4024 bartlett, small
  • 4409 bartlett, large
Bartlett Pears

Variety Overview

Bartletts have light green skin that turns yellow when ripe. They are a juicy, sweet-tasting fruit with a typical pear shape. They're excellent for canning or cooking.


  • Pears
  • Deciduous Fruit
  • A classic "pear" shape with a rounded bottom, well-defined "shoulders" and a narrow neck, with a yellow-green skin that has green freckles

  • Cream-colored flesh that can be crunchy to smooth depending on the pear's ripeness, and slightly gritty if tree-ripened

  • A classic "pear" flavor

  • An average pear weighs 4-6 ounces

  • Green to golden yellow, depending on ripeness

  • A classic "pear" shape

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Brown, teardrop-shaped

  • Late August through February

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