Variety: White-Flesh Peaches



  • 4400 white, small
  • 4401 white, large
  • 3313 white, tree-ripened, small
  • 3314 white, tree-ripened, large

Variety Overview

White-flesh peaches are a round, white fruit with a red or pink blush. The white flesh is less acidic than its yellow-flesh counterpart, allowing the natural sweetness to be the predominant flavor.


  • Peaches
  • Stone Fruit
  • Round, white fruit with a red or pink blush

  • Soft, white flesh around a single cling-free pit

  • Sweet

  • An average peach with pit weighs about 150 grams

  • White with a red or pink blush

  • Round

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Brown, cling-free pit

  • Summer

  • Photo courtesy World Variety Produce

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