Variety: Navel Oranges



  • 4384 small navel, East/Central (125 size and smaller)
  • 4013 small navel, West (113 size and smaller)
  • 3107 medium navel, West (72 to 88 size)
  • 4012 large navel, West (56 size and larger)

Variety Overview

Navel oranges fit most people's description of an orange with a round shape and dimpled, bright orange skin. Their distinguishing feature is an indentation at one end that bears a resemblance to the human navel, thus their name. Navel oranges have thicker skin and are easy to peel. Their sections peel apart easily, and they have a sweet, juicy flavor.


  • Oranges
  • Citrus
  • Round, with a dimpled orange skin and characteristic "navel" mark on one end

  • Orange

  • Sweet and juicy

  • An average orange weighs 5-6 ounces

  • Round

  • Yes
  • White, oblong

  • November through April

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