Variety: Tommy Atkins Mangoes



  • 4051 red, small (tommy atkins, haden and kent)
  • 4959 red, large (tommy atkins, haden and kent)

Variety Overview

Tommy Atkins mangoes are medium to large fruits with an oval or oblong shape and dark red-blushed skins, with green and orange or yellow highlights. They have fibrous, firm golden flesh with a mild, sweet flavor.


  • Mangoes
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Medium to large oval or oblong fruit with dark red-blushed skin that has green or orange-yellow highlights

  • Firm, fibrous and golden yellow

  • Mildly sweet

  • An average mango weighs about 200 grams

  • Dark red with green to yellow-orange highlights

  • Oval or oblong

  • Yes
  • Large, brown pit

  • March through July; September through October

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