Variety: Haden Mangoes



  • 4051 red, small (tommy atkins, haden and kent)
  • 4959 red, large (tommy atkins, haden and kent)

Variety Overview

Haden mangoes are an oval- to round-shaped fruit with red skin that has green or yellow shading. The green areas turn yellow as the fruit ripens. The flesh has fine fibers in it that make it more firm than some other mangoes like the ataulfo. 


  • Mangoes
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Oval- to round-shaped fruit with red and green or yellow skin

  • Yellow, firm flesh with small fibers

  • Rich, sweet flavor 

  • An average mango weighs about 200 grams

  • Red with green or yellow shading

  • Oval to round

  • Yes
  • Large, brown pit

  • March through June, October through December

  • Photo courtesy World Variety Produce

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