Variety: Black Grapes



  • 4056 blue/black seedless
  • 4270 blue/black seeded, ribier, exotic, niabell
  • 4638 blue/black seedless, fantasy/marroo
  • 4957 blue/black seeded, all others

Variety Overview

Black varieties typically produce loose, medium-sized clusters with large, purplish-black seedless berries of sweet, crisp taste.


  • Grapes
  • Deciduous Fruit
  • Small oval-shaped or round grapes, dark purple to black in color, bunched on a stem

  • Softer than red or green varieties, the flesh is translucent

  • Sugary sweet, grapey

  • Medium clusters

  • Dark purple

  • Oval to round

  • Yes
  • Tiny whitish-brown seed, or seedless

  • Year-round

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