Variety: Escarole



  • 4605 escarole, green

Variety Overview

Related to Belgian endive and chicory, escarole grows in loose heads of sturdy, curly leaves. The outer leaves are typically darker green and have a stronger, more bitter flavor, while the inner leaves are light green to pale yellow and have a more mild taste. 


  • Endive/Escarole
  • Salad Vegetables
  • Loose heads of curly, sturdy leaves that are darker green toward the outside and light green to pale yellow toward the center

  • Somewhat bitter, similar to radicchio, but more mild than Belgian endive or chicory

  • Ranges from about the size of a softball to a much larger head similar to a head of leaf lettuce

  • Darker green toward the outside, light green to pale yellow toward the center

  • A loose head of curly leaves

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Year-round, peaking in summer

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