Variety: English Cucumbers



  • 4593 English/hothouse/long seedless

Variety Overview

English cucumbers, also known as hothouse or seedless cucumbers, are long and slender with thin, ridged, dark green skin. They aren't completely seedless, but have soft, edible, immature seeds in the center of their white to pale green flesh. They have a light, sweet taste and crisp texture.


  • Cucumbers
  • Salad Vegetables
  • Long, slender cucumber with thin, ridged, dark green skin

  • Translucent white to pale green, moist flesh with crisp bite

  • Delicate and sweet

  • Up to 2 feet long

  • Dark green

  • Elongated and cylindrical, with tapered ends

  • Yes
  • Soft, edible, immature seeds

  • Year-round

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