Variety: Dark Sweet Cherries



  • 4045 regular/red/black

Variety Overview

Though bings are the most well-known dark sweet cherry, other varieties developed over the years have lengthened the season, and dark sweets are now typically available from late May through mid-August. They are round to heart-shaped, firm, glossy red to dark red, with green stems. They have dark red flesh that's sweet and juicy, with a slight tang, and a central pit, or seed.


  • Cherries
  • Stone Fruit
  • Round to heart-shaped, glossy red to dark red, with green stems

  • Firm and dark red

  • Sweet, juicy and slightly tangy

  • An average cherry, with pit, weighs about 8 grams

  • Glossy red to glossy dark red

  • Round to heart-shaped

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • A single central pit

  • Late May through mid-August

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