Variety: Red Bananas

Variety Overview

Red bananas have a purple or maroon-red skin that makes them a distinctive sight. They are squatter than a cavendish and its cream-colored flesh often has a light pink or pale orange hue. Sweeter than a traditional banana, they are a great choice to use for sampling with consumers. They are available year-round from Ecuador and Mexico.


  • Bananas
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Short and squatty with purple or maroon-red skin

  • Cream-colored flesh that often has a light pink or pale orange tinge

  • When ripe, sweet, with a slight raspberry flavor

  • Smaller than a common banana; 6 inches or shorter

  • Purple or maroon-red

  • Shorter and squatter than a common banana

  • Yes
  • Yes

    Tiny, edible black seeds

  • Year-round

  • Photo courtesy Frieda's Inc.

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