Variety: Manzano Bananas



  • 4233 manzano/apple

Variety Overview

Manzano bananas are short and chubby with thick yellow skins that turn completely black when ripe. They're sometimes called the apple banana because of their apple-like flavor when immature. When fully ripe, they have a more tropical, pineapple flavor. 


  • Bananas
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Short and chubby with thick yellow skins spotted with brown; completely black when fully ripe

  • Cream colored; firm when immature and more creamy when fully ripe

  • A sweet, apple-flavored tang when immature, and a more tropical, pineapple flavor when fully ripe, with a characteristic apple fragrance

  • Finger-length

  • Yellow when immature; black when fully ripe

  • Small and chubby, with a slight curve

  • Yes
  • Tiny, edible black seeds

  • Year-round from Mexico, Central America and South America

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