Variety: Cavendish Bananas



  • 4011 yellow
  • 4186 yellow, small

Variety Overview

Cavendish bananas have been the classic lunchbox variety since the late 1950s. They're long, slightly curved and cylindrical, with slightly pointed ends. Their skins are bright green when unripe and ripen to a bright golden yellow, gaining black freckles or spots as they continue to ripen. They have a classic banana flavor and are available year-round.


  • Bananas
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Long, cylindrical and slightly curved, with a slightly pointed end; bright green when immature and bright golden yellow when fully ripe

  • Creamy white flesh that's firm when immature and becomes softer as it ripens

  • Sweet with a classic banana flavor

  • A medium banana is about 7 inches long

  • Bright green when immature, ripening to bright golden yellow

  • Long, cylindrical and slightly curved

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Some tiny, edible black seeds arranged down the center of the fruit

  • Year-round

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