Variety: Baby Soft Squash

Variety Overview

This bright yellow vegetable, also called patty pan squash, brings the texture of summer squash together with the look of a winter squash, as its vibrant yellow skin is reminiscent of summer squash while the shape feels more like a hard squash. They are delicate with a high moisture content. They are small enough to be grilled or cooked whole, but large enough that they can be stuffed for a small appetizer.


  • Baby Vegetables
  • Specialties
  • Pale yellow to white, crisp

  • Bright, sweet and grassy

  • 2-3 inches in diameter

  • Mostly bright lemon-yellow with a green-tipped stem

  • Squat and round with scalloped edges

  • Yes
  • Year-round

  • Photo courtesy Frieda's Inc.

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