Variety: Tropical Avocados



  • 4221 small green east
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  • 4223 large green east

Variety Overview

Tropical avocados are a large, pear-shaped fruit with skin that remains green even when ripe. Because of this characteristic they are also known as green-skin avocados. The fruit is very heavy, weighing up to a pound or more, and can reach a foot in length. The creamy-yellow flesh is more fibrous than that of other avocados, with high water content and a mild flavor. These avocados also have a significantly lower fat content and 1/3 the calories of non-tropical varieties.

Tropical avocados are also sometimes known as Florida avocados, and more than 50 varieties, including the reed, are grown in the state.


  • Avocados
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Large, heavy, pear-shaped or oval fruit with a thick green skin.

  • Pale yellow, creamy, somewhat fibrous

  • Mild, smooth, slighlty nutty

  • Medium to very large; can weigh 6 ounces to more than a pound depending on variety.

  • Generally green; can have darker streaks or be bumpy or shiny, depending on variety.

  • Oval to pear-shaped

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Large central pit

  • May to February

  • Photo courtesy Holistic Solutions Global LLC

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