Variety: Red Delicious Apples



  • 4167 red delicious, small, East/Central
  • 4015 red delicious, small, West
  • 4168 red delicious, large, East/Central
  • 4016 red delicious, large, West
  • 3284 red delicious, extra large, West
Red Delicious Apples

Variety Overview

Red delicious apples are one of the most famous American varieties. They have vivid red skins with white to buff-colored flesh that has a mild, sweet flavor.


  • Apples
  • Deciduous Fruit
  • Deep to bright red, sometimes slightly striped, with a classic apple shape

  • White to buff-colored flesh

  • Mildly sweet flavor and slightly flora aroma

  • Medium to large

  • Bright to deep red in color, oftentimes speckled with faint white spots

  • Oblong-conical

  • Yes
  • Brown, flat, teardrop-shaped

  • Year-round

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