Variety: Pink Lady Apples



  • 4128 pink lady, small
  • 4130 pink lady, large
Pink Lady Apples

Variety Overview

Pink Lady is a trademark for cripps pink apples grown under license to a set of quality standards including sugar content and firmness. Under Pink Lady America license, the trademark can also include barnsby, rosy glow, ruby pink and lady-in-red apples grown to the same standards. The fruit typically has a rosy pink skin with some green undertones or slight speckling. It has a crisp, juicy white flesh that is slow to brown and a tart, sweet flavor.


  • Apples
  • Deciduous Fruit
  • A round to assymetrical shape with vivid green skin covered in a pinkish blush that becomes a deeper shade of red where the apple was exposed to more sun

  • White flesh that is juicy and crisp

  • Sweet-tart taste with a “fizzy-like” finish

  • Medium

  • Green with pinkish blush

  • Round, assymetrical

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Brown, flat, teardrop-shaped

  • Late fall through spring

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