Variety: Gala Apples



  • 4132 gala, small, East/Central
  • 4133 gala, small, West
  • 4134 gala, large, East/Central
  • 4135 gala, large, West
Gala Apples

Variety Overview

Gala apples have thin yellow to orange skin with light red highlights. Their flesh is dense, crisp and creamy yellow with a mild sweet flavor. Galas tend to be taller than they are wide.


  • Apples
  • Deciduous Fruit
  • Oblong/conical, with pale golden yellow color with red stripes or red blush skin

  • Firm and crisp, with a slight yellow to cream interior

  • Mildly sweet and vanilla-like, with a floral aroma

  • Medium

  • Light-red sheen with bright-yellow undertones

  • Oblong/conical; galas tend to be taller than they are wide

  • Yes
  • Brown, flat, teardrop-shaped

  • Year-round

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