Food Industry Association (FMI)

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Food Industry Association (FMI)

2345 Crystal Dr, Ste 800
Arlington, VA, United States, 22202

Business Operation:
Trade Association

About Us

About Us

FMI brings together a wide range of members across the value chain — from retailers who sell to consumers, to producers who supply the food, as well as the wide variety of companies providing critical services — to amplify the collective work of the industry.

We provide members, from independent operators to the largest national and international players, a unique forum for actively coming together to engage in dialogue, collaboration and problem-solving as a community. We work together closely to understand the topics that matter most to our members and where FMI can provide the greatest value to them.

Our advocacy yields a powerful voice around public policy and serves as a beacon for elevating the food industry’s stature and relevance. Our extensive research, insights and knowledge resources provide an instrumental educational platform for helping prepare and propel our members and their employees forward.

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Last Updated 02/12/2020