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Importers expect productive winter from West Mexico crops

Growers in West Mexico offer a wide range of winter produce and distributors were reporting good quality on all commodities.

Wholesum debuts heirloom tomatoes at Global Organic Produce Expo

Wholesum, Amado, Ariz., will be shipping a new line of organic heirloom tomatoes soon.

Enforcement crucial to tomato deal

With a new tomato suspension agreement now affirmed by the U.S. International Trade Commission, the industry hopes it can achieve some pricing stability for its product.

Stores, restaurants keep Florida tomatoes moving

Florida tomato suppliers looking to push product through retail and foodservice channels have some help from the state department of agriculture’s Fresh From Florida program.

West Coast Tomato invests in workers

Palmetto, Fla.-based West Coast Tomato LLC is focusing on worker safety, said Bob Spencer, vice president of sales.

Immokalee Produce sees product shift

Immokalee Produce Shippers Inc. is selling more grape and cherry medley tomatoes.

Tomato growers expect strong results from Texas crops

Going into mid-November and beyond, the outlook is very good for Texas produce, industry sources say.

Trade commission says Mexican tomatoes threaten U.S. growers

Keeping in place a tomato suspension agreement between Mexican growers and the Commerce Department, the International Trade Commission ruled that Mexican tomatoes sold at less than “fair value” threaten the U.S. 
Nov 22, 2019 by Tom Karst #Produce Crops, #FPAA, #Tomatoes

UPDATED: USDA acts to safeguard U.S. tomatoes and peppers

(UPDATED, 2 p.m.) New restrictions have been placed on tomato and pepper trade to protect U.S. crops from the prevent the introduction of tomato brown rugose fruit virus.

US Foods names Lipman as produce supplier of the year

Foodservice distributors US Foods, Rosemont, Ill., has named Lipman Family Farms, Immokalee, Fla., as its 2019 Supplier of the Year for produce.