SPECIAL REPORT: Year in Produce

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SPECIAL REPORT: Year in Produce

Year in Produce No. 1 — Trade troubles

While a mid-December “phase one” trade agreement with China lifted spirits and forestalled any escalation in the trade war with China, it
did not immediately remove Chinese tariffs on fresh produce.

Year in Produce No. 2 — Food Safety

Food safety issues, particularly E. coli outbreaks, continued to disrupt the industry in 2019, even as the Food and Drug Administration announced
a New Era of Smarter Food Safety initiative.

Year in Produce No. 3 — Tomato Suspension Agreement

The Commerce Department’s decision in May to withdraw an agreement suspending an anti-dumping investigation on Mexican tomatoes entering
the U.S. set off a contentious debate on imported tomatoes in 2019.

Year in Produce No. 4 — eCommerce

Major retailers including Walmart, Kroger and Albertsons have continued to invest in their e-commerce capabilities this year as the industry
prepares for a future in which Amazon is a larger player in grocery.

Year in Produce No. 6 — Potatoes

For the first time in years, two weather events have created a significant challenge to marketers of potatoes over the winter and spring months.

Year in Produce No. 7 — Industry increases focus on food waste

Produce companies and grocery retailers continued to look for more ways to reduce food waste in 2019 as federal government agencies announced a major initiative around that same goal.

Year in Produce No. 8 — Sustainable Packaging

The concept of sustainable packaging has been in the minds of both companies and consumers for many years. That being said, in 2019 sustainable packaging hit an all time trending high.

Year in Produce No. 7 — Weather

In 2018, Florida growers were still grappling with the fallout from 2017’s Hurricane Irma, which caused more than $760 million in damage to the state’s citrus industry.

Year in Produce No. 5 — Trucking industry and ELDs

The implementation of Electronic Logging Data regulations and volatile truck rates combined to make trucking and transportation big issues in 2018.