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Canada to require LGMA certification for Arizona leafy greens

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency will be requiring that leafy greens from Arizona must be from a grower involved in the state’s Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement to be imported into Canada.

Field Fresh Farms rebrands as it forges into retail

Field Fresh Farms, Watsonville, Calif., has refreshed its branding and packaging and expanded to retail business.

Leafy greens growers expected to reduce acreage

Fresh fruit sales were up about 9% for the four-week period, while fresh vegetable sales were up 25%.

FDA outlines 2020 plan to stop E. coli outbreaks from leafy greens

The Food and Drug Administration has released its game plan for the year on resolving repeated E. coli outbreaks from romaine lettuce

FMI targets safety of leafy greens in 2020

FMI, recently rebranded as The Food Industry Association, recently released food safety priorities for the year, singling out leafy greens as one of four main focuses.

LGMA lists steps taken by industry following E. coli outbreaks

California’s Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement has released a list of steps the group and others in the produce industry, as well as regulators, have taken to address E. coli outbreaks linked to romaine lettuce.

Industry frustrated with inability to consult with FDA

Recurring outbreaks of E. coli infections linked to romaine lettuce have frustrated industry leaders and put on pause other industry food safety projects and priorities.

LGMA plans ‘overhaul’ of food safety rules in wake of outbreaks

E. coli outbreaks linked to California romaine over, but investigations continue, and growers are pledging stricter guidelines for leafy greens.

LGMA seminar informs buyers on food safety changes

The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement is sponsoring a web seminar to educate buyers on recent agricultural water metrics changes.

LGMA's conducting review of food safety practices

As we deal with yet another outbreak involving romaine, calls to do more for food safety are coming from all fronts. No one is more frustrated than the producers of leafy greens that these types of outbreaks continue.