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Plums get lots of love on PMG

As the official start to autumn neared fall staples took more spots among the PMG top 20, but summer items and year-round favorites still held their own the week of Sept. 7.

Fall favorites make a comeback on PMG

While peaches maintained their No. 1 spot on PMG the week of Aug. 24, the rest of the top 20 saw some shuffling as fall items rejoined the list.

Sarah Frey’s ‘The Growing Season’ available for sale

Although pumpkin harvest has started, it’s still “The Growing Season” at Frey Farms, Keenes, Ill.

Van Groningen & Sons sees bumper pumpkin crops

The pumpkin season for Van Groningen & Sons, Manteca, Calif., is shaping up to be a record breaker, with a bumper crop of medium carving, heirlooms and pie-sized pumpkins.

Thanksgiving Meal Price Tag Rises Slightly

In its 34th study, the American Farm Bureau Federation found 2019’s price tag for a traditional Thanksgiving meal rose just one penny to $48.91 for 10 people. This amounts to less than $5 per person.

Move over, pumpkins: Oranges are in on Produce Market Guide

After seven weeks in the top spot, pumpkins were finally dethroned the week of Oct. 28 as oranges moved to No. 1.

Inspectors find pests in imported pumpkin shipment

Pumpkins can be carved into scary jack-o-lanterns this time of the year, but there’s something scarier when it comes to imported pumpkins: invasive species.

Top 10 Pumpkin-Producing States

In 2018, five states produced more than 1 billion pounds of pumpkins—about 40% of total U.S. production, USDA reports.

What's hot on Produce Market Guide? Pink pumpkins, cabbage and citrus

Pumpkins maintained their six-week reign on Produce Market Guide last week and got even more love from the platform's users as pink pumpkins entered the top 20 at No. 12.

Giant pumpkins battle for heaviest gourd

Growers of giant gourds will be on hand in Half Moon Bay, Calif., for what’s known as the Super Bowl of Weigh Offs as they compete for the heaviest pumpkin title.