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Fresh Trends survey weighs packaging preference

More consumers prefer to buy bulk produce over packaged produce, according to new data from The Packer’s Fresh Trends 2020 survey.

Freight Farms raises $15 million to ‘advance technical potential’

Freight Farms has raised $15 million in Series B funding, led by investment firm Ospraie Ag Science.

Zespri sets sustainability goals for packaging

New Zealand-based kiwifruit marketer Zespri plans to have 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging by 2025.

Catalytic Generatos promotes conditioned pears at retail

Catalytic Generators, Norfolk, Va., is promoting its ethylene generators as a ripening technology that can help boost sales through a conditioned pears program.

Pineapple organization’s conference covers global issues

The International Pineapple Organization's first-quarter Global Pineapple Conference has a busy schedule, with a day-long series of conference sessions and a tour of Port Everglades.

Tomra showcases equipment upgrades at Fruit Logistica

Tomra and its subsidiaries Tomra Food, Compac and BBC Technologies were busy at the Fruit Logistica exposition, showcasing new equipment at the international show.

Reusable packaging group releases industry survey

The Reusable Packaging Association has launched the 2020 State of the Reusable Packaging Industry Survey.

Oppy debuts sustainable sugarcane fiber KeeWee brand packs

The Oppenheimer Group is introducing a sustainable packaging for its KeeWee brand kiwifruit.

Sorma’s packaging reduces plastic, encourages recycling

Itallian packaging and equipment company Sorma Group has a new packaging line that not only reduces overall plastic, but makes recycling of the packaging components easier.

Indoor farming companies rank high on FoodTech 500 list

Indoor farming companies made the inaugural FoodTech 500 list, created to rate and celebrate companies showing a successful trifecta of food, sustainability and technology.