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Avocado 2019 Fresh Trends Data

This creamy green fruit was the No. 1 item that consumers said they are buying now that they did not buy previously.

Waste not, want not lessons given here

If you compare a thousand households to mine, I would wager my wife and I don’t waste food at nearly the “average” rate. We are a one-percenter in that way.

Medoff Produce satisfies PACA order

Domanth Inc., doing business as Medoff Produce, can once again operate in the produce industry, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

FDA, state ag departments sign produce safety plan

The Food and Drug Administration has signed an agreement that will help state departments of agriculture as they take on roles in ensuring the Produce Safety Rule is implemented.

California Giant promotes in organics, hires director of operations

Tom Smith, director of foodservice at California Giant Berry Farms, Watsonville, Calif., is adding organics to his purview.

ProSeal’s sustainability on display at Pack Expo

With many companies using top-seal containers to cut down on plastic use to promote sustainability, ProSeal is showcasing the focus on sustainability at Pack Expo.

Del Monte Fresh Produce launches ‘Better in Bananavision’ campaign

Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc. is launching the Better in Bananavision campaign to celebrate Halloween and a positive state of mind.

Columbia Gorge Organic celebrates 30 years

Hood River, Ore.-based Columbia Gorge Organic is celebrating 30 years of growing organically.

Boosted by fresh, Calavo Growers enjoys record third quarter

Led by strong fresh avocado sales, fiscal third-quarter revenues hit a record $359.3 million for Santa Paula, Calif.-based Calavo Growers.

Bring back the deals to help end food waste

It’s a given in our industry that we want all of our produce to be eaten. There are few things more maddening to growers than disking under or throwing out perfectly good fruits and vegetables.