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Weather cuts potato acreage, production dips 6%

Growers have fewer potatoes to sell compared with a year ago but they are getting more money for what they do have.

Tasteful Selections Small-Bite campaign touts comfort theme

Arvin, Calif.-based Tasteful Selections is bringing consumers the “Comfort in a Small Bite” marketing campaign.

Perfect storm cuts Red River Valley fresh potato crop

A perfect storm of heavy rains followed by freezing cold weather will cut yields for the Red River Valley fresh potato crop in North Dakota and Minnesota nearly by half.

Idaho Potato Commission welcomes three industry representatives

The Idaho Potato Commission, Eagle, has three new commissioners.

Russets rule, but varieties add appeal to Idaho spuds

Potatoes may be a dinner-table staple, but they don’t have to be boring, marketers of Idaho potatoes say.

A truck and bears and a potato, oh my!

It sounds like the start of a joke: A bear walks up to a 4-ton Idaho potato ….

UPDATED: Mother Nature deals setbacks to Idaho, North Dakota potatoes

(UPDATED, Oct. 24)  Weather in Idaho and the Red River Valley in North Dakota and Minnesota will affect how many table stock potatoes those regions have this season. 

Idaho potatoes - how far and how fast will the market rise?

With frost damage in Idaho and flooding hampering potato harvest in North Dakota and the Red River Valley, the potato market could take buyers on a wild ride.

Idaho potatoes continue to grow in foodservice

Restaurants, institutions and other foodservice outlets continue to provide strong support for the Idaho potato industry, suppliers say.

Potato exporters optimistic about 2020 shipments

Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines are the top five export market for Idaho potatoes, according to the Eagle-based Idaho Potato Commission.