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Maine Farmers Exchange touts state’s advantage

Maine possesses unique qualities that enhance the state’s potato crop.

Cambridge Farms sees buyers, sellers as partners

Cambridge Farms works with potato growers throughout the East Coast region and works with markets for major growers in Maine.

2019 could be banner year for Maine’s potato deal

This could be the year that East Coast retailers have a new appreciation for Maine potatoes.

Maine potato acreage, production up this season

An increase in planted area and harvested area highlight the Maine potato crop, according to the first potato crop forecast from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Green Thumb Farms launches a program to develop, introduce varieties

Green Thumb Farms has launched a program fall to discover and develop new potato varieties. 

Say Ciao! to Idaho Potato Commission’s display contest

The Idaho Potato Commission is sending a lucky produce manager to Italy as part of its 2020 Potato Lover’s Month Display Contest.

Chips and fries boost exports of fresh U.S. potatoes

U.S. potato growers shipped 34% more fresh potatoes to Canada from July through September, but they were not destined to be sold as fresh, according to a quarterly report from Potatoes USA.
Nov 22, 2019 by Chris Koger #Produce Crops, #Potatoes

Idaho Potato Commission partners with Chobani

The Eagle, Idaho-based Idaho Potato Commission is working with Greek yogurt brand Chobani to create a holiday recipe campaign promoting Idaho mashed potatoes made with Chobani Greek Yogurt.

Holiday pairings boost Side Delights

Plant-based meals are increasingly popular, and San Francisco-based Side Delights is offering shoppers ideas for festive pairing with potato dishes.

Potato award nominations sought

It is again time to honor a well-deserving member of the potato growing community by nominating them for the Potato Man or Woman of the Year or Potato Man or Woman for All Seasons.