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Michigan Potatoes donates to food banks

The Michigan Potato Industry Commission, Lansing, has donated $5,000 to the Food Bank Council of Michigan, to be used by food banks to purchase potatoes.

Wada Farms Marketing focuses on organic potatoes

Ben Josephson has returned to Wada Farms Marketing Group LLC as sales director after having stepped away temporarily, said Eric Beck, marketing director with the Idaho Falls, Idaho-based potato grower-shipper.

Retailers say produce supplies solid, could tighten up later

Measures taken to limit the spread of COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented demand at grocery stores, and retailers expect the sales increases could lead to difficulty sourcing some produce items in coming months.

Coronavirus market focus: potatoes

Trying to find potatoes at the supermarket isn’t as tough as finding toilet paper, but spuds have been moving fast and furious during the early days of the lockdown with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Big Idaho Potato Truck season suspended during outbreak

The Big Idaho Potato Truck is returning to its home base early this season due to coronavirus COVID-19 concerns.

Potatoes USA considers effects of coronavirus

DENVER, Colo. — The 2020 annual meeting of Potatoes USA proceeded as planned even as news was breaking that the NCAA decided to exclude fans from its annual post-season basketball tournament the coronavirus, COVID-19.

Potato acreage expected to climb, lowering returns

DENVER, Colo. —  The 2019 potato crop delivered lower yields in the Red River Valley and parts of Idaho, but other regions saw growth.

Idaho commission beefs up potato merchandising

The Eagle-based Idaho Potato Commission has intensified its promotional and merchandising efforts, said Ross Johnson, international marketing director.

Green Thumb Farms opens potato packaging line

Green Thumb Farms in Fryeburg, Maine, will open a new packaging line in April, said Mike Hart, director of sales and marketing.

Specialty, organic potatoes help expand sales

There’s more to the potato business than reds, whites and russets, marketers say. Specialty varieties and organics are important parts of the product mix, they note.