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StePac designs shelf life extending liners for pomegranates

StePac, Tefen, Israel, has new bin liners designed to extend the storage life of fresh pomegranates.

Citrus shows spike in interest on Produce Market Guide

Though the holiday season is ramping up and autumnal favorites are still in the mix, searches on Produce Market Guide the week of Nov. 4 showed a marked interest in one of winter's domestic specialties: citrus.

Sun Belle promotes organic and biodynamic certified berries

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Schiller Park, Ill.-based Sun Belle is promoting organic and biodynamic cranberries and blueberries this fall, along with a wide variety of other berry offerings.

What's hot on Produce Market Guide? Pink pumpkins, cabbage and citrus

Pumpkins maintained their six-week reign on Produce Market Guide last week and got even more love from the platform's users as pink pumpkins entered the top 20 at No. 12.

POM Wonderful juice campaign focuses on antioxidants, health

POM Wonderful is launching a new marketing campaign for its pomegranate juice, focusing on the health benefits of antioxidants.

Pomegranates enter top 20 on Produce Market Guide

As fall gets underway, pumpkins remain No. 1 on Produce Market Guide — no surprise there — while chili peppers regained the No. 2 spot the week of Sept. 23, and lettuce shot from No. 12 to No. 3.

Simonian adds pomegranate bin options

Bulk bins of pomegranates have been a popular offering from Simonian Fruit Co., Fowler, Calif., for quite a while, said Jeff Simonian, sales manager. But this year the company is adding more options.

Flavor Tree automates pomegranate arils process

Flavor Tree Fruit Co. has changed out some equipment at its arils facility, increasing automation and making the process less dependent on manual labor.

Trinity Fruit expands plantings

Pomegranate volume is expected to be down, but this year Trinity Fruit Co. Inc. sales are expected to increase.

What a 'Wonderful' year

The Wonderful Co. LLC experienced its best year ever in 2018 with dollar sales up 6% versus the previous year, said Charlotte Mostaed, director of marketing.