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Five retailers' favorite apple varieties

There is certainly no shortage of apple varieties from which to choose these days. Which ones are resonating most? We're bringing data and perspective from key industry leaders to help answer that question. 

What display contests can do for you

I absolutely love display contests. They generate so much excitement, and not just in the produce department but for the whole store.

Farmers market events hit the mark for 99 Cents Only Stores

99 Cents Only Stores saw fresh produce sales increase significantly at several stores that recently held weekend farmers market events for the first time.

Produce clerks, signage key to moving melons

Retailers around the country note that store-level produce team members who make themselves useful to shoppers make a huge difference in selling the many varieties of melon that summer offers.

Retail 101: Part six with Mike Mauti

With more than 20 years of experience in the North American supermarket industry, Mike Mauti has learned “Retail 101” firsthand.

Winning the war on shrink

Runaway shrink is the nemesis of an otherwise well-run produce operation. It’s almost impossible to hit your targeted numbers if you don’t have a handle on shrink.

Encouraging and empowering your future produce superstars

Think about it – you could actually be working with and helping train and develop the next company produce manager, produce merchandiser or produce company vice president or even CEO.

Podcast — Mike O'Brien talks produce manager succession planning

Episode 6 of the Tip of the Iceberg Podcast features an interview with retail veteran Mike O'Brien, whose tenure included 15 years as a vice president of produce, on the topic of produce manager succession planning.

Opportunities for produce amid COVID-19

If there was ever a time to connect with consumers more broadly to maintain the momentum for demand, the time is now.