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Leveraging opportunity for fresh fruits and vegetables

Time to strike while the iron is hot for strawberries, grapes, watermelons and more.

Blueberry fun facts for point-of-sale material

Looking for ways to draw shopper eyeballs to blueberries for a few extra seconds? Of course you are! These are a few suggestions for blueberry fun facts to sweeten your point-of-sale materials.

Resetting your produce department

The terms reset and produce retail go together like the terms water and ocean. Changing the counters and displays in the department happens constantly, and we make these changes for so many reasons.

Peak cherry season approaching, but cherry demand goes beyond summer

Retailers generally carry cherries whenever they are available, though the Northwest season is obviously the pinnacle of volume and consumer interest.

Retailers talk packaging preferences for cherries

Cherries come in a variety of pack sizes and styles, and in typical years – coronavirus may change the approach this season – many retailers have worked to present several different options for shoppers.

Building anticipation for cherries among store teams and shoppers

Warm weather means prime time for every produce department, from berries to stone fruit to grapes to the crown jewel of summer: cherries.

Creating theater in your produce department

Preparing and executing produce drama is a great way to engage your customers and even spark some community fun.

Photos — Apple merchandising ideas

They say a photo's worth a thousand words. We still believe strongly in words, but we're also big fans of photos, particularly when it comes to merchandising inspiration.

Wet Rack Wisdom — Crisping Checklist

Brian Dey's first series of columns for PMG focused on making the wet rack the masterpiece it is meant to be. As a refresher, here are a pair of checklists for the best practices he outlined.

Grapefruit fun facts for point-of-sale material

With the reputation of citrus for strengthening the body's immune system, you know that shoppers are going to be doing a double-take on grapefruit. Take advantage by adding some of these grapefruit fun facts.