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Assessing the (fixed) assets — Four questions to ask about fixtures

Try this groaner on to start: I had a great IKEA joke, but it just didn’t come together. Speaking of furniture, among the most critical decisions a produce director makes are ones about new produce department fixtures.

How Wonderful partners with retailers on merchandising

Wonderful, known for its expansive consumer marketing efforts for Halos, Wonderful Pistachios and more, has another program that amplifies its brands: a merchandising team that works with retailers throughout the U.S.

Making the most of display contest opportunities

Let's talk about building your next display contest winner ... and how the wins up for grabs go far beyond the contest itself.

‘Michelangelo of produce’ talks merchandising

Mario DePalma, produce merchandiser and specialist for S. Katzman Produce, has been in the industry for more than 35 years. His colleagues call him the Michelangelo of produce.

WATCH: Produce Artist Award Series Summer 2020 Results Webinar

PMG recognized more than two dozen produce retail professionals Aug. 19 in its Produce Artist Award Series Summer 2020 Results Webinar.

Jewel-Osco creates excitement with Blueberry Harvest, Melon Mania

Billboards, banners, T-shirts and more helped spread the word in early August that Michigan blueberries were starring in a special event at Jewel-Osco stores.

PMG reveals Produce Artist Award Series summer contest results Aug. 19

Have you been enjoying the beautiful display photos we've been sharing on LinkedIn, Facebook and elsewhere this summer? If so, you will not want to miss our Produce Artist Award Series results webinar coming Aug. 19.

The time is ripe for year-round excellence in avocados

It wasn’t that long ago, in the early 1980s, when this young produce manager had an idea to sell four pallets of avocados in one weekend – in a store that normally only sold about six cases a day.

What display contests can do for you

I absolutely love display contests. They generate so much excitement, and not just in the produce department but for the whole store.

Farmers market events hit the mark for 99 Cents Only Stores

99 Cents Only Stores saw fresh produce sales increase significantly at several stores that recently held weekend farmers market events for the first time.