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WATCH: Produce Artist Award Series Fall 2020 Results Webinar

PMG highlighted work from more than four dozen merchandisers and produce managers in the Produce Artist Award Series Fall 2020 Results Webinar, which featured top-notch seasonal display photos and expert commentary.

Fall results are in! Produce Artist Award Series winners are ...

PMG recognized more than four dozen merchandisers and produce managers in its Produce Artist Award Series fall results webinar Dec. 9.

Last call for Produce Artist Award Series entries — Results webinar Dec. 9

PMG's Produce Artist Award Series wraps up its fall season Nov. 30, so make sure to turn in those awesome Thanksgiving week displays soon by sending them to

Curtain call – A few more thoughts on theater in the produce department

Although the pandemic has changed the script a bit in how customers might shop and interact with you or your store staff, having something cool for them to look at, learn from and smile about just might make their day!

Sweet potatoes: Unsung hero of the holidays … but wait, there’s more!

As the holiday season moves into the new year, however, retailers can inspire shoppers to think beyond brown sugar and marshmallows.

The next best thing (after sampling) to encourage impulse buys

Sampling has largely been stalled due to the pandemic, but taste isn’t the only sense that can be leveraged to interest shoppers in this particular culinary staple.

Prepare to capture online avocado sales leading up to Super Bowl

In 2021, the produce retail game plan for Super Bowl week should include accounting for the likelihood that a larger chunk of customers will be doing gameday grocery shopping online instead of in stores. 

Advance your avocado merchandising

How are other stores across the country merchandising avocados? Here's a glimpse of what we've been seeing.

Get the berry most out of your berry category

There's so much to be gleaned from examining a retail display photo: assortment in a given category, merchandising techniques and styles, fixtures, placement in relation to other items, cross-merchandising and more.

Photos — Banana merchandising ideas

They say a photo's worth a thousand words. We still believe strongly in words, but we're also big fans of photos, particularly when it comes to merchandising inspiration.