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Display contest tips from the Idaho Potato Commission

Thinking about throwing your hat in the ring for one of the prizes being offered as part of the annual Idaho Potato Lover’s Month display contest? Here are a few tips to keep in mind from the Idaho Potato Commission.

Papaya fun facts for merchandising and marketing

HLB Specialties shared the following tidbits about papayas. From countries of origin to the growing process to modes of transportation, there’s plenty to learn about the journey of the papaya from seed to shelf.

Boost excitement, sales and profit during Potato Lover’s Month

The humble potato table tucked away in the back of your department is in fact a sales-and-gross-profit gold mine, should you choose to develop its riches.

Produce Artist Award Series winter contest to feature citrus, mushrooms and more

The winter season of the Produce Artist Award Series is underway and accepting submissions through March 23.

Apple merchandising inspiration from the Produce Artist Award Series

Sometimes it’s easier to show than to tell. That’s the idea behind our new Merchandising Inspiration Series, which features display photos submitted for our Produce Artist Award Series.

Leveraging the year of fruits and vegetables

Every year in January we know that consumers make a concerted effort to eat healthy. But in 2021, there is an additional tailwind for fresh produce marketers and retailers.

Sell-More-Citrus Merchandising

What a great category to dive into as we wrap up 2020 and charge into 2021. New varieties are coming in as I write this, and I am so excited for what the winter will bring.

WATCH: Produce Artist Award Series Fall 2020 Results Webinar

PMG highlighted work from more than four dozen merchandisers and produce managers in the Produce Artist Award Series Fall 2020 Results Webinar, which featured top-notch seasonal display photos and expert commentary.

Fall results are in! Produce Artist Award Series winners are ...

PMG recognized more than four dozen merchandisers and produce managers in its Produce Artist Award Series fall results webinar Dec. 9.

Last call for Produce Artist Award Series entries — Results webinar Dec. 9

PMG's Produce Artist Award Series wraps up its fall season Nov. 30, so make sure to turn in those awesome Thanksgiving week displays soon by sending them to