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Retailers talk packaging preferences for cherries

Cherries come in a variety of pack sizes and styles, and in typical years – coronavirus may change the approach this season – many retailers have worked to present several different options for shoppers.

Building anticipation for cherries among store teams and shoppers

Warm weather means prime time for every produce department, from berries to stone fruit to grapes to the crown jewel of summer: cherries.

Grape expectations — Suppliers talk varieties, packaging, season

The Mexican grape season has been ramping up and the number of available varieties keeps on growing, even as the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold in the U.S.

Winning the war on shrink — Part 2

The shrink team, headed by the produce VP or similar role, should include buyers, inspectors, merchandisers and produce managers. Discuss the issues. What is causing shrink? What can we do to prevent it or minimize it?

Creating theater in your produce department

Preparing and executing produce drama is a great way to engage your customers and even spark some community fun.

Wet Rack Wisdom — Crisping Checklist

Brian Dey's first series of columns for PMG focused on making the wet rack the masterpiece it is meant to be. As a refresher, here are a pair of checklists for the best practices he outlined.

Building produce displays that make an impact

What makes a shopper buy more fresh produce? Sure, ads might get them into your store, but once the customer is there, how do you capture every possible sales opportunity?

Updated: Recognizing the #SupermarketSuperheroes

On many days, it is easy to take for granted our essential workers. One silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it's a reminder to recognize those people. Front-line produce team members are part of that group.

Building a culture of creativity in your produce departments

From dollar stores to supercenters and every format in between, retailers know they need to deliver a positive, unique and memorable experience. Many find that letting their people get creative is part of the puzzle.