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Pumpkin demand looking strong as fall holidays approach

With this fall’s orders the same or up slightly, pumpkin growers are confident their bulky crop will find a home on doorsteps across the country despite the pandemic.

How Wonderful partners with retailers on merchandising

Wonderful, known for its expansive consumer marketing efforts for Halos, Wonderful Pistachios and more, has another program that amplifies its brands: a merchandising team that works with retailers throughout the U.S.

Making the most of display contest opportunities

Let's talk about building your next display contest winner ... and how the wins up for grabs go far beyond the contest itself.

‘Michelangelo of produce’ talks merchandising

Mario DePalma, produce merchandiser and specialist for S. Katzman Produce, has been in the industry for more than 35 years. His colleagues call him the Michelangelo of produce.

WATCH: Produce Artist Award Series Summer 2020 Results Webinar

PMG recognized more than two dozen produce retail professionals Aug. 19 in its Produce Artist Award Series Summer 2020 Results Webinar.

Tip of the Iceberg Podcast — Shay Myers on onion crop, looking ahead

Episode 12 of Tip of the Iceberg Podcast, brought to you by The Packer and PMG, features an interview with Shay Myers, CEO of Parma, Idaho-based Owyhee Produce and The Packer’s 2020 Produce Man of the Year.

What makes a great produce department

Not to diminish the importance of the meat department, but in today’s world, your produce department is the driver of your store’s success.

The Independent View – Elevation of the produce manager

The retail produce industry has, for the past 25 years or so, spent countless millions of dollars upgrading produce departments.

Mushroom momentum — Crisis highlights staple status of ‘shrooms

Mushrooms, like many other fresh produce items, saw dramatic year-over-year sales spikes in March, April and May, the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. For mushrooms, that momentum continued into June.

Potatoes on the move amid COVID-19

The potato category experienced unprecedented retail sales this spring in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and suppliers say they would like to help retailers keep some of that momentum going.