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Leveraging the year of fruits and vegetables

Every year in January we know that consumers make a concerted effort to eat healthy. But in 2021, there is an additional tailwind for fresh produce marketers and retailers.

Buyer-seller relationships and the three-legged stool

You want suppliers that are complementary to your company’s business model. Suppliers are plentiful, but not all of them will be the right fit for your organization.

Sell-More-Citrus Merchandising

What a great category to dive into as we wrap up 2020 and charge into 2021. New varieties are coming in as I write this, and I am so excited for what the winter will bring.

Suppliers expect strong avocado demand for Super Bowl

Avocado marketers anticipate the usual increase in demand next month leading up to the biggest guacamole consumption occasion of the year — the Super Bowl.

WATCH: Produce Artist Award Series Fall 2020 Results Webinar

PMG highlighted work from more than four dozen merchandisers and produce managers in the Produce Artist Award Series Fall 2020 Results Webinar, which featured top-notch seasonal display photos and expert commentary.

Looking back on 2020 and looking ahead to 2021

For most businesses, this harrowing year has often felt like flying the airplane while building it, and yet so much good has come out of an incredibly turbulent period.

Last call for Produce Artist Award Series entries — Results webinar Dec. 9

PMG's Produce Artist Award Series wraps up its fall season Nov. 30, so make sure to turn in those awesome Thanksgiving week displays soon by sending them to

Curtain call – A few more thoughts on theater in the produce department

Although the pandemic has changed the script a bit in how customers might shop and interact with you or your store staff, having something cool for them to look at, learn from and smile about just might make their day!

Chilean fruit — Summer’s just a phone call (to your supplier) away

As the pandemic trudges into winter, a taste of summer from Chile may be just what the doctor ordered.

A season to lead with gratitude

On the surface, finding anything to be thankful for in 2020 might seem like a stretch. Yet, in the middle of the storm, there is still room for gratitude. There is still cause for thanksgiving.